22 Replies to “Neymar Vs Atletico Madrid 2013 ● Individual Highlights (Away) HD (21-08-2013) Super Spanish Cup”

  1. La liga harder than Brasileirão? It is a two teams competition and you know that. You should learn about Brazil’s tournament.

  2. we hope neymar will success in la liga as the others brazillian. i believe neymar be able to score more goal for barca

  3. i just hope he will continue to succesfully do all those tricks, because that’s why we love him 🙂

  4. It will be definetly very hard for him to get use to the philosophy of Barcelona after playing for years in a team where he was the engine of the game. The league is also much harder, the defensive line of the spanish league is one of the taughest. Moreover for a long time he won’t be able to play his creative gamestyle because he has to get use to the mentality of Barcelona.

    I would say the fans have to give him half year to watch him playin the game on the fullest. But then.. he will rise. :)

  5. All of you does not understand nothing about “magical football “!
    And the most easiest league in europe is “La liga” where has only 2 great teams and others are “milk with coffee”.Very poor league.

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