24 Replies to “Resumen de FC Barcelona (7-0) Levante UD – HD – Highlights”

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  2. Impresionante Liga está de vuelta <3

    Mira mi canal para todas las últimas noticias / trolls relacionados con el fútbol <3: P

    Troll fútbol es aquí <3

  3. A que jugaba el levante? Pff , Cuando juegue con el madrid querra comerse al Madrid como todos. Pff penoso los equipitos pequeños estos se dejan humillar por el barcelona & luego quieren comerse al MADRID. . .

  4. Yeah, and Real Madrid were being beaten up by a team everyone beats every year until your multi fucking billionaire owners bought Isco. VISCA BARCA

  5. Of course Barca or Madrid will win the league… Who else will? Athletico? Valencia? Hahaha. 2 team league…. And champions league? Barca are too predictable, any good team can stop them now. And Madrid? They are always a good team. One of the best in the world…. But have won nothing for over 11 years.

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