John Carver believes he is stronger and better after having dealt with the struggles of Newcastle United

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John Carver was initially selected as the man to replace Alan Pardew at the managerial role of Newcastle United back in January of the current year as he signed a contract which expired at the end of the season.

The coaching career of John Carver kicked off in a superb form as Newcastle United claimed a 3-0 triumph over Hull City in what was the very first match of John Carver as the manager of Newcastle United.

Things began to fall apart from there on as the club failed to secure a victory until a month later when they faced off with Aston Villa which resulted in a 1-0 triumph for Newcastle United but it took them on month to win 1 league match.

It got even worse later on for John Carver as he was unable to push his team to a victory until the last match of the entire season which was played on May 24 with Newcastle United defeating West Ham United.

From February 28 to May 24, Newcastle United played a total of 11 Premier League matches and only one of those concluded in a triumph for the team of John Carver.

Even with this string of underwhelming results and performances, Newcastle United still managed to avoid being relegated.

This was a very tough time for Newcastle United and John Carver himself admitted that this period of time has turned him into a stronger person and even with this recent struggle with the club, Carver would be interested in continuing his coaching career at St.James’ Park.

“It’s not a nice thing to accept, but I’m definitely a stronger person and better for it, without a shadow of a doubt, and whatever happens after Sunday, I’ll be better for it one way or the other.

“If I had the chance again starting again, I would do exactly the same. I’d say, ‘Yes, I want this job. I’ll do it my way. I would just like to think that I would just have a little bit more rub of the green and a little bit more luck.’’ Newcastle United’s John Carver said.