25 Replies to “Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 5-0 | Full Match 29.11.2010 HD”

  1. If you knew the reason for that, you would be ashamed of what your Madrid’s biggest fan did.

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  3. Hahaha :v
    I always laugh after watch this match, and 2-6 too in Bernabéu .

    Hala Merda ! 😛
    Visca Barça ! 😀

  4. agreed, teams like ajax, dortmund, psv, barca who invest more in youth is much better than just buying players however barcelona does have the money,and should have bought some defenders. I wouldn’t change their tactics but i would want them to have a backup like what Ancelotti is doing with real. Also real was clever when they bought bale because they know there going to make around 70% back through commericals and revenue aswell as selling ozil.

  5. They certainly aren’t the same time, but when comparing them to other teams, they are still on par one of the best formulated teams in the world. Their form is questionable at times, but it just shows that player development is worth more than just buying players based on a dollar value.

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