All tabloids have been going agog trying to come up with the hottest clickable links associated with the current best player in the world – Cristiano Ronaldo after he lashed out at the administrative wing of the Galaticos.

The most shocking part of this news though is the speed and manner even reputable news outlets have bought into the Portugal captain’s cryptic cry for help.

For a start, hindsight tells us that players generally develop a leaky mouth once they are outside the confines of their professional clubs. On top of that is the way most players use national calls as an avenue to voice out opinions the media attached to their clubs would never be allowed to air.

A player as brilliant as Ronaldo know all too well that no club in the whole world come close in terms of providing a relatively stress free platform thoroughly made for his sole flourish than Real Madrid.

There is a reason four years after Gareth Bale made Florentino Perez break the bank, the Welsh still appears to be playing the role of an assistant superstar. Throw in the fact that Alvaro Morata’s lack of playing time is not far from Ronaldo recent reinvention to a more central role and you see a club that is willing to sacrifice the chance of birthing another Raul just so one individual can flourish.

And add in the fact of quality flowing at every corner of both the first and second team and tell me

The bottom line is except Ronaldo has transformed into a personality that is willing to forgo the opportunity of seeing out his competition with Lionel Messi, retire to a league and team where he would be without top class fellows doing the running while he concentrates on the tap ins, this latest stunt of his remains what it is: a stunt. That guy is going nowhere.