Atletico Madrid And Its Real Story

Fans are convinced of the winning spirit of Atletico Madrid.

This is a team that has been in action and the players are up and about to winning the matches. Those who have been following the proceeds of the team, they have known that there was much literal debate and metaphorical dialogues exchanged about Diego Simeone. The team was finally not selected for La Liga. The team did not win in the game against Levante which was the only remaining game. This defeat has led to imbalances being corrected with Real Madrid is the team to catch up to Barcelona in terms of points. Spain is again maintaining duopoly position with having its presence in the first two positions.

The story of Atletico Madrid remains to be told. The team was yet to catch up to the two teams of Spain. Diego Simeone is in charge of the team, has had to struggle with a limited budget as well as limited access to players unlike teams like Real Madrid. Hence, when a team is playing under such circumstances, if they have come close to winning that would be a wonderful feat.

Atletico has been able to make a gigantic leap in terms of performance. It has stayed committed to competing with superior teams and beating them in different ways. Atletico has been taking up a different strategy as compared to the possession and attack oriented football strategies that have become the norm in most European matches these days. They have a defensive unit that has a brilliant strategy in place which is due to the skills of Simeone. Diego is a center back who is best in the world while Gabu has definitely proven that he has big game skills for defending his team in the midfield position.