Managers has Highest Authority in Football

While the managers have all the rights to be into the ears of the higher authority of the club and to make pressures regarding any certain signing they seek, they must not make it a compulsory condition to be fulfilled by the club.

It’s sort of unprofessionalism because the signings are not only about cash, but, about the stand of the seller club as well, if they are even ready to do away with someone you want? They might have their own problems not allowing them to consider the sale of the player.

What we are hearing about Diego Simeone is that he has almost given an ultimatum to Atletico Madrid regarding his favourite player Costa. It’s either the entry of the Spaniard or the exit of the boss.

He is not ready to entertain any other names which might be the possible choices for the frontline or which Atletico might buy him.

This stubbornness on the part of coach is very unpleasant. One can’t quite comprehend such compulsion.

As a coach, you can be taken away by someone’s special skills and develop affection for him while you work with him, but, a player can’t be the same all the time. There is always a downward curve along the road.

Costa was mesmerizing for Atletico, but, if he can be rated the same way now or in a way that would make a club happily dish out more than 50 million Euros for him as the value of the transfer amount is unlikely to be any lesser than that, there would be more people answering it as ‘no’ than ‘yes’.

However, for that to come to Cash, the Blues first have to get themselves a new international forward as they have no real understudy to Costa right now.