Griezmann wants to be the best player

Atletico Madrid striker said that he wants to be as good as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

He has stated that he wants to work hard in order to improve as a player. He has admitted that he was disappointed with the way last season ended and that he wants to make sure that this one ends up in better ways for him.

Indeed, Atletico Madrid was beaten in the Champions League final last season and Antoine Griezmann said that he was disappointed with the way the final ended. He stated that the team played well throughout the competition and that it was a massive disappointment for them to have been beaten by their bitter rivals. The Atletico Madrid forward said that the team is ready for the new season and that they hope to replicate the same performance as last year.

He said that he was also disappointed with the Euros as well. Indeed he managed to reach the final with France only to be beaten by Portugal. He admitted that he was sad after the defeat in France, but he kept himself from crying. He said that he wants to become a leader in the team and that for this reason, he needs to show some strength of character.

He said that he would keep on working hard so as to help his team win a major final. He admitted that it will not be easy to reach the Champions League final against this year but that he will be working hard to help the team. He believes that Atletico Madrid has a good team and that they will be able to compete for titles. He said that he is not interested in going elsewhere and that he wants to remain in La Liga.