25 Replies to “HD David Villa Goal Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona 2013 1-1”

  1. Im sorry sir, but as im a fan of La Liga since the year 2000, Valencia was
    the one who was supposed to be 3rd some years ago, now is Atletico de
    Madrid, but not always, is just for its incredible new trainer who should
    be one of the 10th best managers choiced but he wasnt, Diego Pablo Simeone,
    and this was just since the end of the season 2011-2012. THIS Season
    Atletico de Madrid have high chances to battle for the TITLE :D!

  2. 2 goals against real betis plus an assist he is back that match was a villa
    show he is simply the best

  3. Pedro is still relatively young and still has room to grow and I think he
    has potential to be. If he pushes harder, they could be compared. But I
    don’t so much faith in Pedro because Villa is compared to Raúl and I don’t
    think Pedro isn’t near that level yet.

  4. Btw, I feel that Pedro is the new David Villa, even though Villa is way
    better than him.

  5. Atlético Madrid has to be one of the top 5 most underrated teams in the
    world. Though they are always guessed to be 3rd behind Barcelona and Real
    Madrid, people still take them lightly.

  6. David Villa knows the game, he Fukin carried Spain and scored (basically)
    all the goals in the Euros and the World Cup…he was wasting his time at
    Barcelona they got enough talent, and he’s a leader not a sidekick for Messi

  7. no matter how beautiful he scores and no matter how great villa scores that
    night…it will be no meaning because they lose the supercopa to barca

  8. no..barcelona got rid of him because of the injury he sustain..barcelona
    always like that..they only back you up when you are healthy..as soon as
    you have problems..your days are numbered..look what happened to Éric
    Abidal (liver transplant) , ronaldinho (foot injury).

  9. he should have gone to madrid like it was intented for him..at the time he
    signed to barcelona he was suppose to go to madrid he even was signing
    madrid shirt back then prior to the move.. he even stated that his
    childhood favorite team is madrid…now there is no chance..I wish him luck
    anyways..good player..

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