25 thoughts on “Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid 4-1 2014 All Goals & Highlights HD Champions League 2014 La Decima”

  1. Come back my ass ! 5 minutes additional? Have anybody saw the games? There
    were no riots during the games that cost a ong delays… cmon man… real
    was being favored, becaos they are the one whos losing money most if they

  2. Must have being heartbreak for Atletico I mean 93rd minuite equalizer is
    just AMAZING

  3. Ramos Di Maria Bale….Ronaldo is not the one who won this game ! That
    shows how great Real Madrid is when u have so many weapons !

  4. That’s a cheap excuse! Sergio Ramos scored the 2:46 minute of time added
    on. How many minutes would have given you? 2 minutes? lol, as a minimum are
    given 3 minutes were enough to tie the game 1-1.

  5. “Dear Mhd. Alghali, sometimes our feelings, wishes n desires are not
    realized. The only thing that stands is THE FUTURE WE SEE. It may tarry,
    but it must come to pass. Final score 3-0. REAL.” (just as i saw it 5 hours
    before the match, and i told u and others even before it began. Tho i quit
    watching at 88mins- thinking it was over, as human. God is just saying to
    WHISTLE IN LIFE. It’s not of him that WILLS nor of him that runs, but God
    who shows MERCY!!!!!)

  6. that probably a great day to be madrid fans real madrid that is.
    di maria nd modric played amazing that day.
    atletico was so worn out like no defense on marcelos goal.

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