25 Replies to “Inside Atlético Madrid: Falcao & the Mattress Makers — KICKTV in Spain”

  1. Usually,Real Madrid goes for international players and Barcelona goes for mostly domestic players.

  2. I’m a big everton fan but I like Spanish football also and atleti are my favourite team.i feel as clubs everton and atletico have a lot in common.i was made up when they nailed real and won the copa del rey 2013.

  3. cuando adelardo empezo a hablar, sonrei. lo que dijo, tenia mucha razon y era muy especial.
    when adelardo started talking, i smiled. what he said was very true and had a special meaning

  4. 1:41 fascist spain flag on the bottom haha ”your fans can be a little crazy sometimes”!!!

  5. man i used to be the biggest F Torres fan hes the reason i watch chelsea
    but he just hasnt been the same since leaving liverpool

  6. 2010 European Super Cup trophy in which Atletico Madrid (Europa League Champions) beat Inter Milan (Champions League Champions) 2-0 in Monaco.

  7. they are just a group of jealous people that hate Real Madrid by a way of life, they don´t stand out being the second team of the city,

  8. I’ve liked this team team since 2002, it’s hard having so many great tallents come and leave.
    fan from Australia.

  9. beacuse for us the Atléticos Hugo Sanchez is a traitor a rat,we have another dozen of pichichis in our history

  10. Atlético’s original jersey were Blackburn Rovers’ then a player traveled to England for personal reasons and forgot to buy new Blackburns’ jerseys and before the departure to Madrid in the port of Southampton he bought the red and white striped ones,the rest history ’till today……..Los Colchoneros the mattress makers the most awesome supporters in the world

  11. As an English Atleti fan it annoys me how little coverage there is in English-language media of our club. I love to see videos like this. KickTV <3

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