25 Replies to “Real Madrid 1-2 Atletico Madrid 17/05/2013 – Copa del Rey Final – Match Highlights”

  1. Rule of the game is to score goal, not to hit the post ­čśÇ we won it, and deserved it ­čśÇ Atletico should received another red card, if you know what i´╗┐ mean…

  2. barcelona won the throphy vs atletico without winning any of the´╗┐ two matches…while we hit the post 3 times againt atletico

  3. I’d rather watch´╗┐ the Real Madrid 5–0 Barcelona game of January 7 1995.. When There were more than just 2 Great Players in the World.

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  5. Football’s locomotif real madrid..i am a galatasaray fan..galatasaray fans %80 real madrid fans.. 939 like bar├ža and fenerbah├že bastards…forever galata and real..fuck fener and bar├ža..real friend.Champions league 2013-2014 groupe stage real and galata.. we groups directly´╗┐ cl. cl play off fener 0 arsenal 3 hahahahaaaa fener no champions league team.. SCH─░SMAT─░C fuck bar├ža silly.

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